Algorithms as cartomancy – Schemas of Uncertainty

Hosted by the Sandberg Instituut, Schemas of Uncertainty was a cross-departmental research group on the notion of prediction. It takes prediction from a historical phenomenon to one of the techno-capitalist present (predictive text, polls, targeted advertising) and investigates the risks and possibilities emerging technologies pose for the imagination of other possible futures. From divination to machine learning, it explores the relation between prediction and prescription.

On the 18th of April of 2019 the group organised a day-symposium along with the launch of the homonymous publication. The publication and symposium follow the themes of the previous workshop sessions—Production, Friction, Fiction, Fates—as axes to open up the discussion through inviting contributors such as Flavia Dzodan, Valentina Desideri and Emily Rosamond.

Organised and facilitated by Callum Copley and Danae Io, with graphics by Bin Koh, alumni of Main Department Critical Studies and finished Temporary Programme Master of Voice

As a result of the symposium, a book was released with contributions from the participants. The whole book can be downloaded here in PDF format. “Algorithms as Cartomancy” is the title of the essay I contributed to the book. Download here a PDF of the essay.

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