Post-”Chaos Theory”: A Conversation with Flavia Dzodan and Metahaven

This conversation was previously published on the Instagram profile of Boilerroom 4:3
It refers to the film work Chaos Theory, Metahaven, 2021.

Flavia, we’ve been talking about the Chaos Theory script even before the pandemic started. At the time it was a way of finding a voice (as every script is). Our friendship and collaborations have been major encouragements in completing the film the way it did. What do you think about the film now that you’ve watched it?

Flavia Dzodan
I loved it! Chaos Theory made me think of some of Alexander Kluge’s ideas about the artist as a seismographer, someone who anticipates what’s to come through subtle, almost imperceptible changes on the ground. At the same time, Kluge talks about the artist as someone whose reactions are observed (like one observes a seismographer) to anticipate what is to come. In that sense, I see Chaos Theory as presenting us with a potential future, where the interdependencies are not merely acknowledged but central to the way we relate to one another and to our surroundings and ecosystems. I see the relationships in the film as not just from human to human but also in relation to the outside. To me, this is a film made of textures and invocations, a film about love yes but also about the kind of future we want to build.

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