In March 2021, the Buitenbroedplaats at Marineterrein Amsterdam made an open call, inviting young artists to think about ‘the city in transition’. Eva Hoonhout is one of the two winners with her project “If I knew time as well as you do (part two). The jury stated:

“The theme of this work – you cannot build a future without knowing the past – is a relevant starting point for the city in transition. It becomes even more interesting through the interaction between the artist and the public”.

If I knew time as well as you do (part two) opened Thursday 26 August.

Exhibition: 26 August – 23 September 2021, ongoing

Address: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018JA Amsterdam Location: Buitenbroedplaats Marineterrein, next to the schietbaan (Building 022) Route: At the Marineterrein, follow the yellow signs to Building 022

As the title If I knew time as well as you do (part two) implies, Eva Hoonhout’s project is a search for other perspectives on time. Starting from an ordinary daily ritual such as drinking tea, Hoonhout will rethink what it means to spend time in our busy and rapidly changing society.

Through tea drinking and from a desire to engage differently with what surrounds us, Hoonhout looks back at the colonial past of the Netherlands. She asks herself how exotic products such as tea arrived here and how they have been appropriated, altered and taken into our daily existence.

More about the project here.

As part of the project, Eva invited me to contribute an episode for the podcast series that is released every week during the duration of the exhibition. The title of my contribution is “how much water”. You can listen to it on Spotify.

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