10 reasons why Joyce Carol Oates should be named the Patron of White Feminism

1. While Michelle Goldberg at The Nation needed more than 10 thousand words to write the ultimate guide to fear of Women of Color and “mean masses” on Twitter, Oates can achieve the same result in 140 characters or less

2. Godwin’s Law? What’s that? Wasn’t Godwin the Earl of Essex? Zoo guards, on the other hand, are as bad as the NAZIS. AS.BAD

3. Islam is bad and women need to be saved from it. Also, Muslim men are savages.

4. It’d be worse if I was racist!


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5. She has meaningful Olympics commentary 

6. Woody Allen is just a misunderstood genius… like Nabokov

7. And those “piling on Woody Allen are just like a lynching mob”

(Oh if you think this is not what white feminists are saying about Allen, check this piece by Susan Moore at The Guardian. After reading Moore’s piece, head off to this gem from Oates about “the court of public opinion”)

8. In “Other cultures” young girls are also courted by older men (notice how the cultural relativism is only deployed in so far as it benefits white supremacy. When it’s about judging Islam, “all those men are savages”; when it’s about defending a child abuser “in other cultures it’s normal”).

9. Art, art matters above all ethical issues or even human decency

10. When in doubt, side with the victim… except when the perpetrator is a white man you respect. (any similarities with white feminists siding with a white man when he abuses “lesser” women is a mere coincidence)

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