About Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I do not have the time now to do a thorough research about her, particularly when much of the items are in Dutch and would require either translation or that I search for English equivalent.

However, in 2006, there was a Parliamentary inquiry about her because she was an MP for the Dutch Liberal Party. What came out from this inquiry was the fact that her personal story was based on lies. To begin with, her legal name is not Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She lied on that because she knew that if authorities researched her family, her story would not stand. She had not lived in Somalia as she claimed, she was not under threat of family, she did not fly from a war torn region and above all, she had attended a Christian School in Kenia. A brief summary of this can be found here, in English. Again, this was a Parliamentary inquiry where, under oath, she admitted to these lies. What happened, as a result was that she was invited to leave the country (it resulted in her move to the US) because they would have had to strip her of Dutch nationality otherwise (the law states that, if someone lied order to obtain Dutch citizenship the whole thing is declared voided). The scandal of her lies (which she admitted herself) was such that the government fell. The immigration minister was involved, there was an inquiry that resulted in new laws and regulations, etc. These laws affected every asylum seeker who came after her and every immigrant that tried to legally move into the country. After Denmark, they are the most draconian in Europe.

So, forgive me if I am less than enamored with her. I happen to live with the consequences of her lies on a daily basis.

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