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I wanted to clarify a point (not because anyone asked but because I realized I never said this before) regarding the last post on sex workers rights. I do not speak on behalf of sex workers. I am not some “representative of sex workers rights” or any such thing. Simply because I am not one and as such, I am not qualified to represent their voices. The most valid voices to hear in the debate are the voices of sex workers themselves.

However, because I am active in the sociopolitical arena, because I am active in certain social programs and actions I do speak against groups that seek to marginalize sex workers. Particularly when those groups supposedly have my best interest in mind while doing so. Because such groups seek legitimization by actively trying to recruit women like me for their cause it is that I feel obliged to speak my mind. At least it will be known that when they say they have women’s rights in mind, they are not speaking on my behalf.

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