Also, not to toot my own horn

or maybe yes, to toot my own horn, I have Analytics installed so I can say this with a high degree of confidence: I have a steady flow of a few thousand of readers per month on this blog thingy (not people who read through their dashboards but people who hit the domain and also people who access this through RSS). That’s why I am careful on what I post here, because it luckily goes further than dicking around in Tumblr.

For the past decade and a half I have been making all my content available for free (and never behind a paywall) as an ongoing practice of ephemeral publishing. This site is no exception. If you wish to help offset my labor costs, you can donate on Paypal or you can subscribe to Patreon where I will not be putting my posts behind a lock but you'd be helping me continue making this work available for everyone. Thank you.  Follow me on Twitter for new post updates.

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