From 9am on Wednesday to 9am on Thursday, we’re taking a stand outside the Dáil [Irish Parliament] for the undocumented. JOIN US at 6pm for the candlelit solidarity gathering, when we’ll have stories and music with supporters, allies, undocumented migrants, and politicians. Family and friends welcome!

Justice for the Undocumented | MRCI

Today undocumented migrants in Ireland are holding a 24 hour vigil in the hopes of achieving justice for them and their families. If you are in the vicinity and have the opportunity, I personally plead your support for this action. Living without “papers” (as it is informally called) is not only stressing but it exposes the undocumented migrant to incredible risks of harm and violence. Undocumented status means you are disenfranchised; you live in fear for you and your family; if you are a victim of crime, you will most likely not report it; if you are a woman, it means you are vulnerable to sexual assault and you will have little legal recourse for obtaining justice; undocumented trans* women are doubly vulnerable because of transphobia and the fact that they have almost no legal protections when they are attacked; undocumented children face limitations in the services they can access and quality of education due to the fact that not every school will make exceptions for those that do not have the “correct papers”. The list of injustices faced by undocumented people is endless and breathtakingly unfair. 

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