July 20th European Union Undocumented Death Calendar

(Check here for background information about this commemoration of people who died as a result of Fortress Europe’s policies against undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers).

Fortress Europe recorded deaths for July 20th:

  • 20/07/95 1 N.N. (man) from Morocco, found dehydrated in Castres (France) in a Spanish vehicle coming from Tanger
  • 20/07/98 8 N.N. bodies from North Africa (nationalities unknown) drowned near South of Italy being forced overboard when spotted by coast guards
  • 20/07/05 2 N.N. bodies, unknown nationalities, drowned after small boat capsized in attempt to reach Kos island in the Aegean Sea (Greece)
  • 20/07/08 1 N.N. (3 years old, girl) from Nigeria, died of starvation, body thrown overboard during the way to Italy  

Total 12 deaths on July 20th since 1995. Source.

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