#MooreandMe gets more mainstream coverage

The Guardian is running a piece on the #MooreandMe campaign that Sady Doyle started. In #MooreandMe: the hashtag that roared, Richard Adams writes:

And what #MooreandMe revealed is that the casual dismissal of the allegations against Assange has rightly angered many – explained in compelling detail by Kate Harding, Katha Pollitt and, in this remarkable essay, Andrea Grimes – who see it as a symptom of the struggles that women still face in being heard on the subject of rape and sexual assault. While the two women in Sweden have been disparaged as tools of the CIA, or derided as hysterical (and sometimes both at once), Assange and his lawyers can speak freely in public.[…]

Other writers waded in and got caught in the fallout: the journalist Moe Tkacik posted at the Washington City Paper, describing #MooreandMe as “near-homicidal #rage” while naming the two women (something the Guardian and New York Times have avoided as a matter of policy), only for her editors to yank the piece. The blogging pioneer Dave Winer produced an artless car-crash of arguments that might have worked as parody. Naomi Wolf continued her upside-down defence of Assange – as can be heard in her debate with Jaclyn Friedman on Democracy Now. And so on.

In the end, though, it was Moore – without addressing #MooreandMe directly – who gave way, with his appearance on Rachel Maddow’s show. Olbermann, meanwhile, like a soldier marooned on a Pacific island who doesn’t know the war is over, sits nursing his wounds, and making gnomic statements and half-apologies.

More at the link above.

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