Most of the guys who stumble onto the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all guys have similar questions (the majority)! Most (but not all) of these guys have feelings for women, but also deal with internal issues arising from the fact that they also have affections for other guys, too! And, such guys don’t identify as “GAY” at all! Don’t identify with “GAY”? No! Guys like us actually find the imagery & stereotypes that are promoted from WITHIN the so-called “gay-male community” to be repugnant to our sensibilities of masculinity & respect. We know instinctively that loving other guys has nothing whatsoever to do with gender-bending, x-dressing or playing the female role! G0YS, -by our very nature reject anything to do with playing inside another person’s butt; -hence we find the entire notion of “anal-sex” to be dirty, degrading & damn-unmasculine. Feel familiar? Know what? G0YS are right! -GUys into gUys – not gAys…

Welcome to  G0YS.ORG  – The Movement for Guys who feel deep affection for other guys, -but do NOT relate to the term “GAY”!

Who would have thought that self loathing could be turned into a movement that draws hundreds of thousands of equally self loathing individuals? Bonus point for the use of the word “repugnant”, guys. Sorry, g0ys.

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