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Here’s what I don’t understand about the internet at large: someone who self identifies with a woman’s name leaves a pretty insulting comment on my critique of neoliberalism and white supremacy (I say “self identifies” because I cannot discount this being some dude trying to troll). The comment in question is an insulting tirade calling my analysis “self serving”. If anything yes, my “stuff” tends to be self serving in one way or another in so far as it attempts to articulate strategies that hopefully might serve women like me, in the sense of migrant WoC or women struggling with issues of race, economic disadvantages and West/ South policies, etc. So, calling whatever I write “self serving” is quite baffling to begin with. How would we call 99% of feminist theory if not “self serving”? 

Now, to the perplexing part, when I delete that annoying yapping because it serves no purpose other than to put me in what the commenter surely believes to be “my place”, the person in question comes back leaving a new round of insults claiming I am censoring them. What kind of entitled hell do these people inhabit that they think they have an inherent right to insult bloggers/ writers/ whoever publishes something and have said invectives posted, no questions asked? I need to understand the thought processes of such entitlement. Perhaps I should start a feminist role playing game where eventually I get to UNLOCK: WHITE SUPREMACY and gain wizard status that grants me special super powers to reign over patriarchy.

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