Red Light Politics interview, WOOT!?

I just finished an interview for the Council of Europe podcast. It went well although my weird Latina accent annoys the hell out of me. Some of the topics I managed to address:

– PATRIARCHY HURTS TEH MENZ TOO and that’s why they should be allies.

– LGBTQ rights are a feminist struggle as much as any other struggle for equality.

– The burqa ban in France is the product of white, male politicians that operate under the idea that “those savage women need to be saved”.

– Intersectionality matters because the silos model only serves the “divide and conquer” strategy and then we all lose.

The podcast will go up in September (I’ll post a link when that happens). They also interviewed one of those activists for “Men’s rights” that I regularly mock in this space. I am actually looking forward to hearing that.

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