Spiritual Fitness, yes, you read that right

Soldiers Punished for Refusing to Attend Christian Rock Show

At least two of the soldiers who allege they were punished for not attending an evangelical Christian concert in May say that the Army’s equal opportunity program is fundamentally broken and have lost faith that the separation of church and state within the military is adhered to by command. The allegations have since led to an Army investigation.

Anonymous soldiers and Pvt. Anthony Smith, who is on active duty with the National Guard in Arizona, told Truthout they were among approximately 80 soldiers who were punished for choosing not to attend “The Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert” headlined by BarlowGirl, an evangelical Christian rock group, at Fort Eustis on May 13.

What exactly would Spiritual Fitness entail? Do you dance the Communion? Do you step to the Gospels? Pray tell (pun not intended but it stays), what exactly would one do in this edifying form of exercise?

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