Step on a scale, fattie!

I am subscribed to a mailing list for people involved in marketing for social causes (you know, NGOs, public awareness campaigns, etc.). I’ve been subscribed to it for years and it is truly an excellent resource. However, this gem just showed in my inbox. I am leaving names and personal info out of it because I really have troubles to determine if this is a joke, a sarcasm filled suggestion or a real initiative someone would implement. Suffice to say, the person making the suggestion did so from a .gov email address (not US, though). The discussion was centered on whether menus displaying caloric values would be an effective tool to promote healthier eating habits.

Re: Calorie menu disclosure information
> Now why not tie the idea to scales.
> When you’re at the counter your weight is flashed up on the board
> in front of you along with the recommended daily calorie intake
> for men and women. Your order could then be calculated into your
> weight.

Really. This was actually thought by “someone” and articulated and put into words and then sent out to the world. For extra shaming points, I would add: make sure the weight is visible to everyone in the establishment!

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