The People’s Supermarket at 72-78 Lambs Conduit Street, London, supported by an army of pro-bono advisers from the retail, property, non-profit and sustainability sectors. 

The People’s Supermarket is a co-operative that plans to help families and low income groups in the community by rewarding members with a discount on their shopping for an annual membership fee of £25.00 (US$36/€30) and a commitment of four hours of their time to work in the shop every month.

Owned and managed by its members, The People’s Supermarket aims to cut waste out of every part of the retail equation – using produce, property and people’s time in a more efficient way than ever.

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I would be very curious to see if this retail model spreads and is implemented in other cities/ countries. I would expect the Dutch to be into a model like this for two reasons: 1) they are keen on volunteering and 2) they are savings minded. Although now the project is interesting as a kind of sociological experiment, I would like to see the reactions of the food related corporations if the model becomes widespread.

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