This is why people pay me to do marketing research

Step 1: Write polemic and racist stuff on your website. When people call you on your bullshit, particularly people who are oppressed by your racism (i.e. POC), ban them.

Step 2: Make sure you continue banning more POC who challenge your abusive use of language.

Step 3: Use ableist language. When challenged, ban those who dared.

Step 4: Post offensive pictures of asses on your main page. When people complain they are NSFW, ban them.

Step 5: Continue banning liberally until you have a cohort of clueless people commenting.

Step 6: Now that all the intelligent POC who used to challenge racist shit are gone under the power of your banhammer, post something under the title “Black people like cell phones”.

Step 7: Profit from your media empire?

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