World Female Prisoners (percentage within the Prison Population)

via Chartsbin. This map shows the percentage of female prisoners within each national prison population. Female prisoners includes women and girls held in penal institutions, as pre-trial detainees (remand prisoners) or having been convicted and sentenced, in the world

Current world female prisoners: 5.04% (percentage within the prison population)

Current world prison population total: 9,949,696

How the World Female Imprisonment Data is Compiled?

The World Female Imprisonment data has been compiled, like the World Prison Population List, from a variety of sources. In almost all cases the original source is the national prison administration of the country concerned, or else the Ministry responsible for the prison administration. Most of the figures are recent and efforts are being made to update them and to obtain information on the number of female prisoners in the independent countries and dependent territories on which figures are not currently available; Care has been taken to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

Top 15 countries with higher rates of female imprisonment compared to overall prison population

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