I have already written about the way the “fashion profiles” of Richard Spencer and other known neo-nazis in mainstream media are normalizing these discourses and making these people appealing to the public, sexy and desirable even. As recent as November 2016, Spencer was filmed giving a speech where his followers broke into Sieg Heil Nazi salutes and Spencer himself used words such as “lugenpresse” (lying press) that have a long history within Nazism. However, since these interviews and profiles rarely (if ever) point to this man’s history of neo-nazi advocacy (including eugenics and mass extermination), here’s a rundown of the past seven years of Richard Spencer, in his own words, calling for ethnic cleansing, mass sterilization and a whites only ethnostate.

Facts to counteract the normalization of neo-nazis – This Political Woman – Medium

Richard Spencer, who got punched this past weekend, denies he is a neo-nazi. I created an archive of the past seven years of “Spencer in his own words” where he advocates for mass sterilizations of Black people, racial genocide, ethnic cleaning and the creation of a whites-only ethnostate.

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