On December 5, 1492, Christopher Columbus first landed on what later became the Spanish colony of Hispaniola, setting foot on present-day Môle-Saint-Nicolas, in the far northwestern coast of Haiti. 

Happy Birthday, Haiti and DR! Five hundred and eighteen years of history just goes by so fast!

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 Was no one else there prior to Columbus? I imagine there were many centuries, if not millenia, of human history to the island prior to the arrival of this White guy…

Yeah, that post was the reassurance I needed that it was “Fuck yeah, Latin American History according to the Eurocentric version we have been swallowing for the past, oh, I don’t know 518 years”. In short: the narrative of “discovery” and “civilization” that led us to where we are today. As a person born and raised in Latin America, no thanks.

ETA: Because you know, prior to Columbus, there was no history in the entire American continent. Nothing happened until Europeans laid their eyes on the continent and validated its existence through their normalizing gaze.

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