A feminist culture will eventually end up being squashed, because the men have either become too demoralized and weakened to protect their women, or because they have become so fed-up with incessant ridicule that they just don’t care anymore. If Western men are pigs and “just like the Taliban” no matter what we do, why bother? Western women will then be squashed by more aggressive men from other cultures, which is exactly what is happening in Western Europe now. The irony is that when women launched the Second Wave of Feminism in the 1960s and 70s, they were reasonably safe and, in my view, not very oppressed. When the long-term effects of feminism finally set in, Western women may very well end up being genuinely oppressed under the boot of Islam. Radical feminism thus leads to oppression of women.

This tidbit of wisdom, courtesy of a blogger known as Fjordman, who is being pointed by several sources as the alleged Oslo mass murderer.

Swedish site Realisten.se claim that a year and a half ago, one of their writers had contact with Anders Breivik (the alleged killer), who told them that his blogging pseudonym was Fjordman and pointed them to his posts on several right wing sites (link goes to the post on Realisten.se through Google translation; the quality of the translation is somewhat poor, but definitely understandable). More about the connection between the alleged Oslo murderer and the blogger known as Fjordman at Richard Silverstein’s blog and Loon Watch.

And in news that will surprise no one who reads my posts (however infrequently), this blogger found inspiration in Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders.

ETA: According to a Dutch source, the alleged killer claimed that the PVV, Geert Wilders Party, is the only true political force.

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