A hatchet has been thrown through the window of a Nigerian family’s home in central Belfast in a suspected racist attack. The attack on a woman and her two children happened in the loyalist Sandy Row area close to the city centre at around 2am on Wednesday morning.

Hatchet used in suspected racist attack in Belfast | UK news | theguardian.com

From the article:

It is the second such assault in the city in just over a month after a house where two Nigerian men lived in east Belfast came under attack.

In the latest incident Adenike Yisa was on the sofa in the living room at the front of her home when a hatchet was smashed through it.[…]

Almost all such attacks in Belfast occur in loyalist working-class districts. They are usually the work of “freelance” racists who live there and object to the presence of foreigners, rather than any co-ordinated campaign by neo-Nazi groups.

At the link, photos of the racist graffiti left in the Nigerian men’s home.

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