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If you were/ are a Gawker Media commenter and changed your password, it might not be enough to protect yourself. If you used that password somewhere else, now others can access those profiles as well. But how to know if you used that password somewhere else when everyone has profiles at so many places, right? For Firefox users, there is a trick.

Go to Preferences and then click on Security. This is the window that will populate:

Click on “Saved Passwords” and new (smaller) window will pop up. It will contain a list of all sites with their respective stored passwords. At the bottom, a menu of options like this will show:

Now, highlight the sites on the list one by one and click on “show passwords” each time. That’s how you can go through the list and check if you have used the password somewhere else (and change it accordingly). Keep in mind this: in the hacked database, not only usernames and some passwords have been made public but also the email address associated to them. So, if you used the email address to sign up some place elsewhere, it’s better to double check and change the passwords accordingly.

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