About this post (which I am not reblogging because my head hurts looking at one of the participants in the exchange), when people say “classism matters more than racism! we need to be united against classism!”, obviously they speak as someone who has not experienced the full extent of institutional, State supported racism.

Take the Dutch Socialist Party, for instance. The party that should represent ALL WORKERS! ALL THE TIME!! Right?! The party that, supposedly, is best equipped to deal with pervasive issues of classism in The Netherlands and uplift everyone regardless of skin color (as the poster naively states). Well, it was also the first party to throw all immigrants under the Geert Wilders bus, so please… It was the first party to align itself with the draconian, discriminatory measures implemented by the previous government under the rule of immigration minister Rita Verdonk. And to make matters worse, it supported legislation that amounted to the segregation of Dutch society. Jan Marijnissen, the previous leader of the Socialist Party in The Netherlands is the reason I doubt I will ever identify as a Socialist again (something very drastic will have to transpire in Dutch politics for me to re-claim that label). He is also the reason I joined a much more moderate party than my usual socio economic politics and ideals would represent. Only because the stance of the Socialist Party was so shameful towards minorities that I preferred to join a party that, at least in paper puts minorities interests at the top.

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