According to SlutWalk’s website, the event is slated to be reproduced in Argentina sometime this year. It’s the country I was born and raised in, among Spanish, Guaraní and Portuguese speakers – and I can assure you that the word “slut” is not used by anyone there. This is not what we need. I do not want white English-speaking Global North women telling Spanish-speaking Global South women to “reclaim” a word that is foreign to our own vocabulary. To do so would be hegemonic, and would illustrate the ways in which Global North “feminists” have become a tool of cultural imperialism. I will be going back home in about a month, and want to do so without feeling the power of white women bearing down on me from 6,000 miles away. We’ve got our own issues to deal with in South America; we do not need to become poster children to try to make you feel better about yours.

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YES LAWD! (I need GIFs to illustrate this Alleluia moment right here). I said more or less the same thing about Hollaback being uncritically deployed in Argentina and one of the people involved with the project got pretty upset with me. I am really peeved by hegemonic frameworks being implemented. Moreover, about slut walk, here’s another nugget: in Argentina, 99% of the most mainstream feminism is against sex work. Sex workers are referred to as “putas”. Slut walk has been translated as “La Marcha de las Putas” and the same women who are involved in the organization of slut walks are the ones lobbying for the criminalization of sex work. Coherence, missing it entirely…

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