Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism calls attention again on the case that was published two weeks ago and concerns the inhuman treatment and illegal detention of a mother and a 13 months old baby from Afghanistan. The father is held in the Detention Center in Mennogeia since December 2012, while the mother and her three children were accommodated until two weeks ago in the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Kofinou. After the mother’s arrest on November 18, the two older children were taken to the Children’s Shelter in Larnaca. The baby, who is still at the stage of lactation, initially was given to a foster family, but on November 23 was transferred to the Detention Center of Oroklini Police Station, where the mother is held until now. According to the competent authorities, “the baby was transferred to the detention center because it was crying continuously”, after the violent separation from its mother.

KISA » 03.12.2013 – A 13 months old baby detained for crying continuously and asking for its mother

Earlier today I posted about the baby taken away from her mother who, it is claimed, suffers from bipolar disorder. The baby’s father is an undocumented immigrant from Senegal so, the British court ruled the parents were unfit to care for the child.

Now comes this story, also involving the European Union’s treatment of immigrant families. In Cyprus, a lactating baby was given away in foster care while both parents were held in detention due to their status as undocumented migrants. The foster family has now “returned” the baby who has also been placed in detention for “crying too much”. 

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