Also, in “statements that make me stop reading an article”

Blanket statements along the lines of:

If the penis is so fantastically destined for the vagina then why is a tongue on the clit the one thing that every girl wants and to bone in the butt is the preference of every boy the moment that the lights go out ?

make me brush the writer off and ignore whatever follows. Yes, I fully understand that you are presenting the premise that “Gay sex is OK”, however, it would do you good not to alienate the many women for whom a tongue in their clit is not necessarily the epitome of good sex. Such statements tend to derail the valid arguments the writer might be presenting simply because they are not true. And that is great fodder for detractors (if one piece of the argument is not true, they will try to throw dirt into the parts that are true, you know, guilty by association).

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