And because not everything is bitter finger pointing and barking at the moon at Red Light Politics HQ, I now give you Bacon Ipsum, a Meatier Loren Ipsum Generator. It will randomly provide you with a bacon flavored alternative to your gibberish text needs:

Beef ribs jerky tongue, shoulder tri-tip pork loin brisket ham turkey pork belly rump swine. Fatback ground round ball tip shoulder rump jerky. Cow ball tip biltong corned beef ground round pork loin chicken, jerky jowl strip steak ribeye. Pork loin cow ground round, ball tip t-bone tenderloin shank rump swine sausage pig ribeye. Brisket short loin pork belly boudin. Venison bresaola spare ribs, jerky pork chop turkey sirloin shoulder chuck ball tip short loin fatback pig. Pork chop bacon tail meatloaf, corned beef jerky cow ham.

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