And while we, the film-viewing audience, do have the conversation with the studios at the box office, and we can alter the grammar of the genre, it is difficult to imagine major changes in the cultural pedagogy of the films. We are immersed in the ideologies of patriarchy and capitalism. In most of our daily lives we do not examine the contradictions that exist between the ideologies of democracy and capitalism. We believe in equality but live in a hierarchical class system. We believe in individual freedom, but racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia are still tolerated in the business world and social communities. Consider for a moment the ongoing debates about same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and racial profiling. While a genre film may represent these issues, the film will not represent them as systemic; the issue will affect only a few individuals who will find a solution. The status quo is maintained, and the ruling class remains at the top of the pyramid.

California Chronicle | Genre Films as Cultural Pedagogy: The Enduring Myth of Star-Crossed Lovers

Excellent article on film analysis and how mainstream films are a fundamental engine in perpetuating the status quo through individual narratives.

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