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clownyprincess replied to your photo: I am not apologizing his statement but I am,…

That’s not what you said. You made an argument for context in which it would be understandable for someone to think women hated sex based on the actions of anti-porn feminists, implying an apology for Stephen.

If I didn’t know better (i.e. thanks to my own activism and personal life), even I would be inclined to believe women hate sex. Needless to say, I know that is not true, but that’s what’s given space in media. Because Fry is a public figure, one should expect better from him (i.e. that he should know that’s not the case).

clownyprincess replied to your photo: I am not apologizing his statement but I am,…

Also I don’t understand why you think people in general would confuse women’s attitude to sex with the entire feminist movement. Stephen is an older man with long-noted negative attitudes to sex. His words & attitudes ARE misogynistic.

Have you seen UK press lately? It is plagued with feminist voices advocating for the ban of porn. It is quite a strong movement and it does get a lot of traction at the moment. These openly identified feminist activists are leading a call for eliminating sexual representations from the public eye. This is what’s passing for feminism at the moment in media. I know it’s not the totality of the movement, however, the campaigns are not aimed at people like me.

idoitcounterclockwise replied to your photo: I am not apologizing his statement but I am,…

It’s not only the current feminism, who could ever forgot Alice Schwarzer’s PorNO! campaign.

This is the legacy of Dworkin as well…

clownyprincess replied to your photo: I am not apologizing his statement but I am,…

I feel like you’re derailing what should be a critical discussion of Fry’s misogyny to talk about something else. Something else that NEEDS to be talked about & criticised, YES, but separate to Fry.

Derailing what? It’s not like I posted this in a public forum where people were discussing Fry and I purposefully interrupted the conversation to impose my argument. It was just an entry in my own blog where I tried to (albeit by the reactions I got not very eloquently) to offer a counter argument to the backlash. Perhaps I am less fazed by Fry’s statement than I am by supposed allies telling me that sex is “bad”. Also, I do not hold Fry as representative of anything so I am less offended by his statements than I am by a campaign organized by feminist activists to close lapdance clubs (see Object UK’s website for details on that). I see Fry’s statements as a lot less damaging than the current debates around these parts to close down the Redlight district entirely. Not that I think his statements are innocent, only that I do not feel personally enraged by them. 

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