Appropriate card is appropriate

New Year’s intentions: I have them. Notice I said intentions and not resolutions because, at my age, I have learned not to set myself up for failure. So, I intend to do a few things in the next few months (like finally releasing that weekly or biweekly podcast I’ve been planning since, oh, I don’t know, September, but my health issues got on the way of materializing). Or maybe finishing that book that has been in the making for the past six months (which, even if I cannot find a publisher, I will release in the wild under a Creative Commons license).

So, those are two of my intentions for 2011. And perhaps quit smoking. Because, really, it is fucking time. But it comes with a whole set of other issues that terrify me (like I worked so hard to keep my body healthy in a weight that I am comfortable, which is by no means skinny but lean and muscular in a way that works for me). So there’s that.

And my other intention? To continue being a pain in the ass for everything that I deem important and worthy of attention. By no means perfect or above reproach, but certainly, with the best of intentions.

So, Happy New Year, all! You make me a better person with your discussions and interests, comments and challenges. Let’s hope 2011 brings everything we need and more.

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