Athens, Aug 9 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Two flesh-eating piranha fish have been caught in a river separating Turkey from Greece. A Turkish fisherman caught an 18-inch piranha in the Evros river July 31. Earlier this week, a Greek fisherman caught a nine-inch piranha on a fishing rod, using sweet corn as bait.

The river has been a major entry point for illegal migrants from Asia into Europe.

Piranhas, known for their sharp teeth, voracious appetites, and occasional cannibalism, inhabit South American rivers. It is not clear how the fish got into the Evros.

Flesh-eating piranhas found in Greece river

Side eye news of the day, especially the part about not knowing how the piranhas could have gotten into the river. On Sunday evening, an Iraqi immigrant was killed in Athens. From the report:

A young Iraqi man was killed in the latest in a series of hate attacks against foreigners in Greece. The death comes amid a wave of anti-immigrant feeling and follows electoral successes for the far-right.

Police said on Sunday that the 19-year-old Iraqi was stabbed to death by five men traveling on motorbikes.

The police said the men had “tried to attack a Romanian and a Moroccan in the same area” late on Saturday, a version of events supported by witness statements.

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