Bangladesh is a lot poorer than the United States, and there are very good reasons for Bangladeshi people to make different choices in this regard than Americans.

Matt Yglesias peddling the lawless, libertarian capitalism @ Slate

In my previous post about this very same piece of trite, I failed to make a note about the poignant use of the word “choice” while promoting this lawless, asinine de-regulated form of capitalism. I cannot think of a better illustration for the gripes I tried to convey in my last piece about neoliberal feminism. As we know, there are so many choices a person can make when presented with the possibilities of abject poverty possibly leading to starvation or unregulated, unsafe sweatshop labor for the benefit of Western consumers. Surely that “choice” must be as valid as any other, non? That, in a nutshell, is my problem with all the theories behind “choice”.

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