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looking around jstor for articles, and I can’t find any either. I found this:… but he’s also a member of dominant society and I find his use of the term “non-whites” instead of POC to be troubling.

Exactly! Exactly! And this is what I mean! Sure, members of the dominant culture (autochtoon as they are known in Dutch) write about these issues but these are not the voices I would like to quote, not because they are necessarily wrong but because I think the voices of minorities should be given prevalence on these matters. There are some people who write about this in Dutch (mostly bloggers), but there are hardly academics, let alone mainstream, published authors building a body of work on the subject. So, it is very difficult to quote and give validation to certain ideas, especially because people tend to be dismissive of subjects that do not have a whole lot of bibliography and research behind (and thus, have entered the mainstream).

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