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blerg sorry. It’s probably seasonal affective disorder kicking in. I have been feeling blah as well. Sorry about your kitty, how old is he?

He is almost 15. He now has throat cancer and we know its terminal. He was with my husband even before I entered the picture. And I remember when I first met him (he was just a few months old), I was told I shouldn’t touch him because he was very unfriendly. I looked at my then boyfriend (now husband) and said “in a while, he will be sleeping on my lap”. He laughed and said that was unlikely. It wasn’t. Within six months it’s as if I had been part of his life from the beginning. He is not my cat (in the sense that I always respected his original bond with Roy), but every single time I had to go on a trip, it was him who made me feel welcome back. It was him who gave me the feeling that I belonged here.

I know for non pet owners all of this probably sounds sappy, but I learned to build said home on my pets and my plants (and of course, my husband). The rest is circumstantial, but those are the things that have made my life infinitely better.

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