[Breivik’s lawyer] Lippestad said his client had demanded complete political reform in which he wanted to be assigned a key role.

Norway gunman making ‘unrealistic demands’, says lawyer | World news | The Guardian

Why, of course, after you kill dozens of people and sink your home country in fear, your number one demand is to have a key role in political reform.

You know what worries me the most? That he is making these absurd demands as a way to build up on the “insanity defense”. A cold blooded killer who is obviously intelligent (make no mistake here, the careful planning, the online interactions, etc ARE a sign of intelligence) surely has to realize that these demands are ridiculous, if anything, because someone who sits in a jail cell in isolation most likely understands that they have no bargaining power (and certainly no chance to be part of political reform of ANY kind).

And then there is this:

He [Breivik’s lawyer] added that, although Breivik had agreed to be examined by local psychiatrists, he also wanted to be investigated by Japanese specialists.

“He claims the Japanese understand the idea and values of honour and that a Japanese [specialist] would understand him a lot better than any European would.”

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