BS of the day: It’s just another word


I can’t believe white people are STILL arguing about wanting to say the n-word. Hello? I thought we as a society had fucking settled this back in the ’90s via countless stand-up  acts, black-white buddy cop movies, and uncomfortable conversations with co-workers. I guess some people haven’t gotten the memo: ONLY BLACK  PEOPLE CAN USE THE N-WORD AND NOT ALL OF THEM DO SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Womanist Musings had a great post about this. I quote this piece frequently to dipshits like neverdiplomatic (why do these people take pride in being dicks?)

And before you scold me for promoting trolls—this person isn’t a troll. A stupid fucker, yes, but not a troll because there are plenty of white people who honestly believe this and think this way. I bet they believe they’re arguing from a principled stance. I can’t let a turd like that just sit there on the site without kicking some dirt over it.

Oh to hell with this nonsense, I can’t believe there are still people like this neverdiplomatic (they seem to pick very literal names). These are also the ones who like to cry over their lost freedom of speech by claiming that they abhor “political correctness”. What in reality they want to say is that they wish for the days when their insensitivity and ignorance remained unchallenged. What they really do in the name of being “politically incorrect” is mourn the tiny bit of privilege that used to be unchecked. Not that this privilege is now gone (it certainly isn’t) but that they can no longer pretend it doesn’t exist. Because being a racist, to these people, is like a birth right.

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