“But Tracie you’re NOT FAT!”


I see what you did there, Tracie.

Her post + groupthink cockiness + accusation of “you sent me an email even though I have no proof” + lies about MizJenkins (poor thing, she is by now like a holy figure of Jezebel, her name invoked by that asshole every time she wants to point to an uppity negro without actually saying so in so many words) = fucking pathetic. The whole lot. And her belly photo? Even more pathetic (cries for attention and fishing for compliments in a grown ass woman who used to call herself “Slut Machine”). And she is a fucking racist. The worst kind, actually: a casual one. At least with the open ones we know what to expect but she is the casual kind who, instead of invoking the ubiquitous “I have a black friend!” invoked the “I had a black editor, how could I possibly?!”. Yes, you could, and you did. Plus, ableist as well. Also “casually” because she is so pathetic that she won’t commit herself to being properly discriminatory.

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