Can you explain why she put those words in quotations?

Why should *I* have to explain her actions? Aren’t your questions best directed to the person who made those statements? The onus is not on me to explain the reasoning when a white, wealthy, well connected feminist decides to have intellectual exercises in the public eye at the expense of trans people’s lives.

I provided links to her statements and, in fact, to the whole conversation. I provided a link to another post that further discusses these “ethics of eugenics” musings. You could read by yourself and, eventually, go and ask the white woman in question. When people in positions of authority or with significant media platforms discuss topics with a long history of harm at the expense of vulnerable groups of people, the burden is not on the rest of the world to prove the person’s intentions. As a matter of fact, intentions are completely irrelevant in this case. Was it “just a joke” as some were claiming last night on Twitter? Was it just “a discussion to consider all possibilities” as others contended? You know what? Fuck that noise. People’s lives and survival are not open for “debate”. “Debate” as it is conceived by these foul ideologues is a tool to further instill fear and promote harmful ideas in the public eye. Not all opinions are “equal” and deserving of consideration. Especially so when one does so in the name of feminism. There is a centuries old history of white people condoning the mass sterilizations of Women of Color, the experimentations on the bodies of Black enslaved women and the “disciplining” of indigenous women across the Americas (and probably in other places as well but I cannot speak with direct knowledge of those). No, eugenics is not something I would have to “explain” to anyone to see why these discussions are disgusting.

But you know, I will throw another link in this mix where she further ponders whether “birth defects” should also be “fixed”. Eugenics, the “twitter entertainment” for white, wealthy women who otherwise have to combat their ennui by hanging out with Hugh Grant.

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