#ChatShitShow, no. 1. DJ Masta Lee, media director and designer at Patta, DJ and skater.

Amsterdammers are well known for sporting a high caliber of sneaker. Walk the streets and you’ll see first hand that most people are conscientious of their personal style, especially regarding their sneakers. I was curious as to history of sneakers in Amsterdam, so I arranged a conversation with DJ Masta Lee, media director and designer at Patta. We chopped it up over sneakers, style, ethics, DJing, skating, Dutch hip-hop and what not. An informative episode with a humble-ass style icon. Forgive the background noise and do enjoy…

Below is the visual accompaniment to this episode. The photos and videos are shoes and bits that DJ Masta Lee mentions, roughly in the order in which they are mentioned…

Ah yes! The one and only Chad Bilyeu has finally released his own podcast. Check it out, not just because Chad is a friend with whom I can spend hours (really, hours) ranting and chilling and sharing stuff but because he is one of the funniest, smartest guys I know. I haven’t yet listened to this episode in full but, knowing Chad, I’d expect some mild profanity to be present (mild, pretty similar to the way I write) so, if you are listening within earshot of people who might not approve of that stuff, beware. Still, go listen. Straight from Amsterdam, it’s the Chatshitshow.

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