Chavo del 8 was my favorite as a boy, I used to laugh at Kiko all of the time. We need to have a serious conversation about the state of Latin television. For example, what is it with adults pretending to be children? Furthermore, why is it prevalent today? In addition, why is it still hilarious?

It was one of my favorite shows as well! But now I look back and there is a creepiness factor in the whole thing, in no small part due to the adults pretending to be children. And yes, I used to speak like la Chilidrina, which, you know, given my sudaca accent, it was probably pitiful.

Speaking of Latin TV, I expect this is where we most likely depart in personal preferences, but I must confess to an extremely odd habit: I used to love soap operas. Not the US version/ idea of soap operas, oh no, those are just tacky… ours were ten times better. Nobody does soap operas like the Colombians, Mexicans, Brazilians and yes, Argentinians as well. My formative years were spent watching those shows. Moreover, after University, I went to further study playwriting inspired by Manuel Puig’s style which was heavily influenced by soap operas (and their predecessors, radioteatro). Kiss of the Spider Woman IS a Latin American soap opera! Even though to read it as such, one would need to know our tradition with the genre.

Alas, since I live in Europe I have lost touch with the current productions and I miss them sorely.

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