You know, this is my issue with this. What do you propose to do, then? Never mention any history, ever, if it involves Europeans? Never note historically significant events, when they involve Europeans, if they resulted in oppression and suffering? I’m pretty sure most people know about Columbus day, October 12, but not about the dates of Columbus’ landfall in other parts of the Caribbean. So I think pointing out today’s events was worthy of note. Should no one ever study the history of the Americas, then? You’re dismissing the whole thing and jumping to conclusions. This whole kneejerk reaction about hegemony and eurocentrism and the totalizing gaze is such a lark. What have you done for Latin America, exactly, except complain on Tumblr? Are you Latin American? Have you been there? Have you studied Latin American history? Have you worked in any kind of Haitian relief efforts besides texting a donation? Have you volunteered with any non-profit anywhere in Latin America? Do you know any Latin American people? Do you complain when people study any other kind of history anywhere? Or is it just Latin America, then? No one said that Haiti and the DR have only 518 of history, “period”, just 518 years of history since the event I’m noting today. You’re seriously jumping to conclusions here. 

Let’s do math here.

Annoying + clueless + unwilling to examine the problematic aspects of their proposed vision of history = unfollow + block

Do I know Latin American history? Yes, I studied it at university. I was also born there, lived there a great part of my life. So there’s that.

In any case, refer to the math above. It explains it all.

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