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Urrea family member slain – El Paso Times

EL PASO – The violence in Juárez has touched a prominent Borderland family.

Roberto Urrea Caraveo, 37, was gunned down on a busy avenue near the country club neighborhood Wednesday evening, Chihuahua state officials said.

Fernando Alberto García Urrutia, 39, also was shot and died later at a hospital. A third man was wounded and was in a hospital Thursday, state officials said.

The family of Urrea is prominent in both Juárez and El Paso. Family members did not want to comment, citing safety concerns.

Urrea’s mother, Rosario Caraveo, comes from an affluent family of bankers. His aunt, Victoria “Vicky” Caraveo is a women’s-rights advocate. She is the former director of the Chihuahua state Women’s Institute.

Roberto Urrea, the victim’s father, was president of the maquiladora association in the late 1990s. He was also director of corporate services at Rio Grande Travel Centers and most recently a manager at the Las Cruces Sun-News.

The grandfather of Urrea, also named Roberto Urrea, was Mexican consul general in El Paso from 1963 to 1971. He also worked in the Mexican Consulate in Laredo, Texas.

Chihuahua state police on Thursday confirmed that two El Paso residents were killed in a shooting in Juárez last weekend.

Roberto Manuel Rivera García, 25, and his brother, Javier Rivera García, 16, were among four men fatally shot last Saturday in a home at Magnesiao and Ignacio Mejia streets in west Juárez.

Also killed in the shooting were Manuel Rivera Tarín, 48, and Juan José Delgado Rodríguez, 24.

Roberto Rivera was employed by Dish Network in El Paso.

About 1,650 people have been slain in Juárez this year. Since 2008, about 5,900 murders have occurred.

And here, in these news from today is the best rebuttal of the whole MAC/Rodarte “we are so sorry we trivialized the dead; here, have a portion of our profits” fiasco. As if it was such a new phenomenon that they couldn’t have possibly stumbled on news of any of 5,900 victims in the past two years alone.

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