Cross stitching my dogma

<![CDATA[// ]]>bmichael replied to your post: Mansplain me this: two kinds of feminism

you know when you start out by bolding things and setting off words against other words you come off as kind of hypersensitive maybe you should work on making an ironic cross stitch of your argument to be a bit more endearing to men

This is quite possibly the most genius suggestion I had for a long time. I shall set my feminism in a pretty cross stitched canvas, preferably in pastel colors (I wouldn’t want to alienate country club sensibilities).

Incidentally, all of you (all three or four of you) reading my rants regularly, consider following bmichael. Take this as my Tuesday Tumblr recommendation. He is hilarious and I shall enlist his help in my new embroidery project.

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