Denton used to tell people who asked what he did for a living that he was a pornographer. This was true, in a limited way: he publishes Fleshbot, a blog that boasts of its devotion to “Pure Filth,” and features a great many explicit anatomical images. But Fleshbot, which receives about a million unique domestic visitors each month, is now the worst-performing of the nine titles that Denton puts out, and you won’t find any mention of it on the mastheads of the other eight; it’s a drag on the reputable kind of advertising that Denton now covets.

It is a shame that he seems embarrassed by the site as Lux Alptraum is one of the most interesting and open minded writers across Gawker.

The quote above is part of a profile of Denton to come out in next week’s issue of The New Yorker and can be read in its entirety at Nick Denton, Gawker Media, and journalism’s future

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