Did you miss my daily dose of nonsense?

If so, no worries, I have a mega dose ready for your reading pleasure. Courtesy of Canada Free Press (the irony of this name will not escape you, I am sure), Shrieking Against His Creed in Cancun, about the climate change summit (sort of, I guess; or at least it stared about such topic but then it delved into more thorny territories):

In point of fact, the environmental movement is pagan to the core, having it’s genesis in the Romantic movement of the 19th century and the neopaganism that followed the spiritualist movement. Wiccans tend to be staunch Greens, and such movements as eco-fascism, eco-feminism, and eco-terrorism have flown from the Greens as they have snapped the bindings that restrain human passion in their quest for greater naturalism. Civilization is all about restraints; the natural inclinations of the beast within are selfish and often violent. Liberalism has generally sought “freedom” through the destruction of traditional Christian moral and spiritual structures. We had the Free Love Movement which led to the “Sexual Revolution” and we are currently debating gay marriage and ending the ban on openly homosexual soldiers in the U.S. military. The progression is no accident; one moral thread was pulled from the Christian tapestry and it unraveled. We see this in many other cultural aspects; consider the very coarse language used in liberal circles, for example; there has been a coarsening of the culture as liberal views of “freedom” have been imposed. The left believes freedom means freedom from restrictions, yet it is those very restrictions that make civilization possible or beneficial. Without Christian morality we cannot have rule by the consent of the governed but merely the application of raw power to coerce obedience.

I am going to leave this out there. I believe any attempt at analysis will either be laughable (and the quote above already provides enough hilarity) or pointless.

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