Edna Sednitzer is no more

Since I follow (and I’m in turn followed back) by many ladies of Jezebel, I thought I would let you know, I deleted my account in all Gawker Media sites.

Jezebel used to be the site where I went for pop news with a feminism light bent but in the past few months, under new direction, it has become something entirely different. I love many of the commenters and mods there so it’s not about the “plebes” like us but about the Monday to Friday content. On a good day, I am puzzled by the inanity. On a bad day, it is rage inducing. I used to read Latoya Peterson over there. Sure, none of the posts were supposed to change the world but they certainly induced critical thinking. Now, just seeing Tracy Traciee Tracee Tracie Egan’s name next to a post makes my head spin.

I am not going to make a dent in the Gawker empire, but I am not going to give clicks to a site whose owner called me “commenter ghetto”, no matter how he tried to spin it afterwards, only to have all my data compromised two days later.

For the past decade and a half I have been making all my content available for free (and never behind a paywall) as an ongoing practice of ephemeral publishing. This site is no exception. If you wish to help offset my labor costs, you can donate on Paypal or you can subscribe to Patreon where I will not be putting my posts behind a lock but you'd be helping me continue making this work available for everyone. Thank you.  Follow me on Twitter for new post updates.

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