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The guy who claims “consent” is an artificial construct (or some such nonsense) and women should get over “it”.

I had to remove myself from Jezebel a few weeks ago because I was too sick to read. Physically sick (hence the surgery next week) but also mentally exhausted and unable to process much of the ignorance that passes for commentary and posts sometimes. And then they publish this. I am speechless. Honestly. Because these concepts are not new (just search for “Men’s Rights” and there is a treasure trove of related blogs) but because the site is supposedly aimed at women. And there aren’t that many spaces in mainstream media that are for and by women. There is Cosmo (and its ilk) but even with its flaws (i.e. the new editor) Jezebel has always been better than that.

Except that now, dude bro types looking for a book deal have a space to tell women that consent is “murky” and questionable and that catcalling is cool. Where is the editorial rigor that approved this?

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