FBI issues warning over Barbie ‘Video Girl’ which could be used by paedophiles to make child pornography

via the always incendiary Daily Mail Online, we learn of yet another dangerous device that could potentially be used for child pornography: the new Barbie Doll.

From the article:

Parents are being warned that a new Barbie doll that features a built-in video camera could be used as a tool by paedophiles to make child pornography.

The Barbie ‘Video Girl’, which is on sale in the UK and the U.S., has a hidden camera in the chest and a small LCD screen video display in her back.

A ‘cyber crime alert’ from the FBI has said the doll, which went on sale in July, could be used to record footage used for distribution by paedophiles.

Next in the FBI’s list of alerts: cell phones, home video cameras, old Super 8 recording equipment, Polaroid cameras, your great grandmother’s camera obscura, oil paint and canvases. Actually, scratch all of the above. Everything can be used to create and distribute child pornography. Or any other crime for that matter. But I guess such revelation wouldn’t be sensational enough for the FBI alert system.

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