Fear for Dutch politics today

Today, the talks to form a center coalition government failed in The Netherlands. The little creep that is Geert Wilders is tweeting his self congratulatory diarrhea because he hopes that now he will have to be included in the new government.

This scares me to no end. I am one of those foreigners who will fall target of his xenophobic and racist policies. So I need to think long and hard what I will do if this creep is anywhere near a position of power. I do not want to have an irrational response along the lines of “I WILL IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE COUNTRY!” because that’s just absurd. But it might end up happening. Because honestly, the guy is dangerous and full of hate towards anyone who’s different.

So, I guess I’ll have to wait and see how the next round of talks to form a new coalition go and take it from there. This makes me sad because this is also my country. Only many of these xenophobes do not want it to be that way.

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